Scientists are feeding silkworms with graphene

Scientists are feeding silkworms with graphene

A group of Chinese scientists is investigating further applications of graphene. They decided to feed it with silkworms. This has resulted in a much stronger thread that can be used, for example, in the manufacture of worn electronics or biodegradable medical implants.

Grafen is one of the greatest inventions of mankind whose number of applications is almost unlimited. It can be used practically everywhere, from the industry, through delicate electronics, to medical applications.

A group of Chinese scientists from Tsinghua University decided to find one more use for this material. She added the maple to the mulberry leaves, which were fed silkworms to see what the effect would be. The experiment proved to be successful as silkworms started to produce carbon-reinforced thread, which is twice as strong as the standard. What’s more, the new fiber perfectly conducts electricity.

The invention can be many applications ranging from wear electronics, through more rigid garments to biodegradable implants supporting the body’s work.

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