Torrent sites are more often a source of threats

Torrent sites are more often a source of threats

Torrent sites are one of the most popular sites on the Internet, but their owners have not been able to translate it into real money until recently. Now, however, this has changed and since some of them have dealt with the distribution of malware, the profits of their owners have risen up.

Experts from Digital Citizens Alliance and RiskIQ warn that torrent sites, so readily visited by Internet users, can be a big threat to them. Research has shown that users are 28 times more likely to be infected with malware compared to regular sites. What’s more, the attacks are silent and the user does not even know that malware has been installed on his computer, as it does not require any action from him.

And what does this malicious code do? Approximately 45 percent of the cases install adware that displays ads on victims’ computers. Approximately 10 percent of the cases are unwanted toolbars, while 9 percent are botnet clients who take control of the hardware.

Many malware, however, takes over our personal data, which can then be sold online. It also collects credit card numbers and even steals money directly from our accounts, such as changing your account number when making a transfer. Ransomware is also a big threat blocking important files and demanding ransom.

Distribution of malware can be extremely profitable for webmasters. According to the Digital Citizens Alliance, their total revenue last year was nearly 64 million euros, and the owners of each site, according to the number of visitors, rake from 182 to 4500 euros a day.

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