Light business projector

Light business projector

Weight is an important parameter in portable equipment, even if it is a projector. SANYO launches the small PLC-XW65 projector weighing 1.6 kg.

The device displays an XGA image (1024 x 768 dots) and measures 265 x 74 x 189 mm. It offers brightness of 2500 ANSI lumens as well as great freedom of installation. The vertical trapezoid correction function automatically corrects them in +/- 20 degrees.

The projector is characterized by a projection ratio of between 1.33 and 1.62: 1, which is the same as those obtained with a 1.2x wide-angle zoom lens. Thus, even in a small room, you can get a large diagonal image.

The owner of the PLC-XW65 does not have to be careful not to let him down for a moment. The PIN lock function allows you to limit the use of the projector to authorized persons only.

This miniature projector is also economical in operation. Long life of the bulb (3500 hours of operation in economy mode or 2000 hours of normal operation) allows for a long time not to worry about the need to replace it. The low power consumption is also a source of savings: in normal operation, the device only charges 225 watts, and the economical mode reduces power consumption to 185 W. When the projector is not in use and in standby mode, it consumes only 3.8 watts .

The manufacturer also includes a bag, infrared remote control (with batteries), instruction manual, power cord, 15-pin D-Sub cable and lens cover at the price of the projector.

Helpful Tips For Successful Online Marketing Strategies

Helpful Tips For Successful Online Marketing Strategies

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